blaz janezic fotka 2Hi, there. I am Slovene, born on April 1st 1973. With my family I live in small town Mengeš, Slovenia. By profession I am electrical engineer. Photography is one of my hobbies since I was 13 years old. Started with analogue technique and my own dark room and later start using digital camera. I have tried lots of themes (landscape, nature, flowers, animals, BW,..) but what I prefer the most is abstract photography. I also paint sometimes (acrylic). Recently I started also with art woodworking. You may check my work in gallery and blog posts. I hope you will find it interesting. You may also check the book I wrote (Svet kot ga vidi pomaranča).

If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me.





Solo exhibitions:

Group exhibitions:

  • Group domestic exhibition »FKK OFF 2013« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2013)
  • Group domestic exhibition »OKO Kamnika 2013 – Drug pogled« (Glavni Trg Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2013) Oko Kamnika 2013
  • Group domestic exhibition »Klubska pregledna 2013« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2013) klubska-pregledna-2013
  • Group international exhibition »15. Photo Incontro« (Kulturni dom Gorizia, Gorizia, Italy, 2013) 15. foto incontro
  • Group domestic exhibition »Odsev preteklosti« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2013/2014) Odsev preteklosti 2013 , odsev-preteklosti-2013
  • Group domestic exhibition »FKK OFF 2014« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2014) FKK OFF 2014 , fkk-off-2014
  • Group international exhibition »Photonic moments 2014 – Two places« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2014) photonic-moments-2014 , Photonic moments Two places
  • Group domestic exhibition »OKO Kamnika 2014 – Noč v Kamniku« (Glavni Trg Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2014) Oko Kamnika 2014
  • Group domestic exhibition »OKO Kamnika 2015« (Glavni Trg Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2015) Oko Kamnika 2015
  • Group domestic exhibition »FKK OFF 2015« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2015/2016) FKK OFF 2015
  • Group domestic exhibition »Odsev preteklosti – cianotipija« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2016) Odsev preteklosti 2016
  • Group domestic exhibition »Lekovci razstavljajo v prazničnem letu« (Galerija Lek, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016) Lekovci razstavljajo v prazničnem letu
  • Group international exhibition »Photonic moments 2016 – Kamči, Trees of Kamnik« (Mali grad, Glavni Trg Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2016) Trees of Kamnik , Kamči , Photonic moments
  • Group domestic exhibition »FKK OFF 2016« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2016) FKK OFF 2016
  • Group domestic exhibition “Peter Rauch: Ponavljanje – samostojna skupinska razstava” (Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017) Cirkulacija 2 Ponavljanje
  • Group domestic exhibition »FKK OFF 2017« (Galerija Dom kulture Kamnik, Kamnik, Slovenia, 2017) FKK OFF 2017 clipping
  • Group domestic exhibition “Foto dan v smodnišnici” (Smodnišnica Kamnik, Katzenberg, Slovenia, 2018) Foto dan v smodnišnici
  • Group domestic exhibition “Lekovci razstavljajo” (Galerija Lek, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2019) Lekovci razstavljajo-Razstavni katalog
  • Woodwork group exhibition “Čar Lesa 2019” (Cankarjev dom Ljubljana and several other places in Slovenia, 2019) https://carlesa.si/ ; Blaž Janežič Čar Lesa 2019 a