Blaž Janežič Photography Pinhole Solargraphy 5

Pinhole Solargraphy

Recent »Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day« ( provoked me to do some pinhole photography again. I was the most curious about Solargraphy, which is the art of long exposure photography that captures the image of the sun moving across the sky.  These exposures can last days, months, even years. My have last from couple of days to 26 days. As a pinhole camera, I have used cans and carton box with photographic paper inside which were then set in the woods or my windowsill.

Although a piece of black-and-white photographic paper is inside the pinhole camera, the solargraph may be colorful. Paper negatives are processed in the computer (scan, invert,..), so no chemicals in this process. Solargraphy can provide unusual and fascinating images. The moisture can also create significant role in the final result. You can never be sure what the outcome will be and this is what excites me.