Bubbles Repeating 2 Blaž_Janežič



I am attending workshop/project with the working title »Repeating«. Quite a wide range of options to start with.

Here is one of my ideas. I took 10-15 printed photos from my »Royal Goats« and »Bubbles« series, thorn them into pieces, stack the pieces together and took the photo.


Then I made 3 prints of these new photos, cut them into pieces again, stack together and  made another photo. Result in the gallery bellow.

I have also taken some famous photos (in this case Andreas Gursky Rhine II, 99 cents and Paris Montparnasse), made several prints and with the same procedure came to a new image. First steps in the gallery bellow.


I will continue this process as I see it fit. The answer to the question »When to stop the repeating process?« remains open so far.

We will see.