Blaž Janežič Photography 8 Rauch Peter Ponavljanje

Repeating 2

The process

This is all about continuing the process presented in my blogs »Repeating« and »Geometry compositions«.

I have continued with cutting process to get several fractioned photos. Then I stacked them together and took the photo of that (using the ladder).

Next step was to get back to the environment where the original photos were taken or at least to the place with similar preferences (did not have “time” to go to Paris and river Rein).

The exhibition

All the work was at the end the starting point of the exhibition “Cirkulacija 2 Ponavljanje”; ;

Within the two weeks period of the exhibition my work has evolve with my and other exhibitors and visitors interactions. I took photos and pieces of other exhibitor works and use them for my compositions. Actually you may see the whole exhibition in one work. Evolution and the final (if so, not yet known) work as follows: